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Character Questionnaire Template Empty Character Questionnaire Template

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:31 pm

Sexual Orientation:
Age(Both Appearance and Actual):
Physical Description(Height, Weight, Build, Etc.):
Where are you from?:
Why’d you leave?:
Do you have family? If so, tell me about them:
What kind of Goals drive you?:
Have you ever been in love?:
Have you ever had sex?:
What do you consider unforgivable?:
What would you never want others to know about you?:
Do you have a talent?:
What’s your personality like?:
What do you do for fun?:
Do you have any vices?:
Tell me about your proudest moment:
Tell me about your worst moment:
What do you do for money?:
What are you looking for in this game for your character? Love, plot, monster of the week, social interactions, epic Michael Bay explosions?:

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